Horoscorpio BP

The Business plan clarifies the product development stage growth and partnership options with existing social media corporations. Projections are further altered. Download the latest Business plan here: Horoscorpio BP Advertisements

Technology initiative: Democracy Applied Q&A

Outline, as concisely as possible, why this solution is unique The election fervour can mean a lot of talk, and little action. When it comes time to vote, I’m quite sure there are many who are still unsure. Being bombarded with fliers and rationale, debate over meanings, and confounded with idiosyncrasies; the electorates are confused […]

The Democracy Applied showcase

This policy, candidate and party examples for the sample district demonstrate how simple and effective this mobile App UI is for voters. Whether putting in hours to confirm with policy links, updates and leading unto the election, or waiting in line to vote, Democracy Applied will make things much clearer. Amid the confusion of cross-party […]

Horoscorpio Product Showcase

With Investors opportunity available, and founding partnership establishments, the three primary product features that Horoscorpio is offering are here. These are the best independent product offerings available, and there remains a host of other applications applicable to alternative industries in part outlined on Speaker Deck The Product Showcase herein features two matrix keys, which are […]

The W.R. initiative

World Recognition was created as a technology solution to the gap in practices of Browser interfaces, to the World Wide Web. Having not guidance or orientation means internet users need to educate themselves, and this can be especially difficult in many regions of the world, especially when content diversity is restricted. Also in certain times […]

ECNE the Charity

The ECNE Trust, is established to formalise the potential of Horoscorpio, and ensure that social use of the utility pertains to a social contract for the betterment of humanity. Ordinance of Christ Nature A public forum for the ECNE is currently: Facebook Group ECNE The Historical and Proposition documentation there available additionally outlines how the Beneficiary Horoscorpio will […]