Forgotten Sinai Inscriptions Prove Exodus Was Real

Remarkable tales about the the metallurgical holy guild of egypt, with a temple on Mt. Sinai. You must wonder was the monatomic gold found lining the temple corridors (having reappeared into 3D form) a product of the holymen directly or indirectly via production factories?

The Apple Of God's Eye

The Passover — according to the Bible — began with the Exodus, but critics deny the Exodus ever occurred. Here is astounding proof, lost for centuries, verifying the Bible record!

There is astounding contemporary evidence of the Exodus and of the first Passover — evidence carved in the rocks of the Sinai Peninsula. The names of Moses, Miriam, Marah (the site of Israel’s demand for water), the name “Hebrew,” the shortened form of the name of God — “Jah” (Psalm 68:4), and many accounts of the rebellion, the idolatry, the miraculous feeding of the people — all can be found carved on the near-inaccessible rocks of Sinai!  They occur along the very route of the Exodus. And together with the inscriptions are thousands of graves along the same route!

What Critics Believe

Agnostics and higher critics and not a few modernist ministers all unite their voices today in one chorus…

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One thought on “Forgotten Sinai Inscriptions Prove Exodus Was Real

  1. I think its safe to say this Cave is the source of the original sin, and next to modern Jerusalem, the birthplace (or ratification) of the modern Homo Sapien, nesting in a migration hub between Europe, Africa & Asia. Of course the passage to Africa was abraded by sea level rise, but the continuing trends indicative of the later Exodus.


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