13th Century Norse Poems

Download-ready format of these Poems available: THE POETIC EDDA. A interpretative account analysing the Codex Regius – an official compilation was written in the 13th century but was held unknown until 1643.  Brynjólfur Sveinsson recovered it, then Bishop of Skálholt. Brynjólfur attributed the manuscript to Sæmundr the Learned, a 12th century Icelandic priest. Also known by the name Sæmundar Edda.  Alternatively another Collection without commentary, for short book publication: Eddas Pg90 15×6 Bordered Only partial Poems formatted here, for a full list of Poems, Go to sources Sacred Texts or Project Gutenburg respectively. An adaptation of the first poem is available here : VÖLUSPÂ Print Adaption A5

Note, the Prose Edda is related to the Poetic Edda (the Prose Edda cites various poems collected within the Poetic Edda, as sources)


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