Horoscorpio innovations recycling unused social media feed

All the social media feed, that is stored away, filed in case of emergency perhaps, has merit for comparative understanding in the grand scheme of things. Horoscorpio has devised the means to propagate the content, otherwise wasted, and often deleted. In fact its a standard for human rights to maintain the adequate continuous appraisal of quality in the public domain, and as stipulated in the Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural rights, to improve welfare and allow individuals the choice to the will of the people. Whilst corporations vainly contend to provide analytical infrastructure, its the tip of the iceberg, currently destroying social cohesion.

Horoscorpio measures the qualities of human emotional and intellectual activity, to scale with planetary motion, cataloguing the intrinsic foundation of Form. With a perpetual amalgamation in ‘big data’, and a discipline of adherence in social media practices, a never-before-known unity is achievable for human rights, in alignment with the basic principles of international law (utilising raw experience).


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