Book of James

The book of James, now only available for purchase or through leading Libraries, has an exclusive introduction included and follows. Written for the adaptation by Jason Jowett, the following isn’t contained in Print or ebook versions presently:

King making was once the primeval epitome of justice, and what better person to make a king than the King himself? With the systematic approach to rulership, in hereditary law, trumped by the post-Merovingial condition, Englands requirements for justice in stateship drew back to the very cradle of civilisation. What Shakesphere would later romanticise was the entitlement of kingship and its justification before the state of nature in the likeness of man to the divine. The fundamental integrity which King James I iterated, was that drawing essence to the sovereignty of states by the functions of power-by-law. Demonology emphasises the primary consolidation of power from the dawn of the middle-eastern conflict to the right of kings in 1599, and led to the dissolution of divine right in favour for the more democratic parliamentary institution. What King James I would put in context from the primary examples of Saul and the future seer, to the practices of alternative spirituality, would envelop the regard to sovereignty from authority in ones perception and knowledge, to surrender for the affirmed constitutional determination, and that irrevocably set irrespective of more privy conditions or phenomenon. This shifting to the regard to power from the ordained to the mutually adhered, was set to consolidate the existing institutions against the failures of the Catholic Church to maintain centralised control and leadership with the embarkation of Cortez to the new Americas (and consolidate British requirements for change to maintain stability in the region).

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