The Democracy Applied showcase

This policy, candidate and party examples for the sample district demonstrate how simple and effective this mobile App UI is for voters. Whether putting in hours to confirm with policy links, updates and leading unto the election, or waiting in line to vote, Democracy Applied will make things much clearer. Amid the confusion of cross-party contestation, and the tensions pre-election this convenient option currently in R&D is well needed. As an opportunity for just deliberation on behalf of candidates, Democracy Applied will maintain neutrality in presenting the key informations to constituencies; as the impartial umpire. This opportunity will dramatically change the existing political environment, currently dependent on broadcasting to anyone who’ll listen, and capturing votes. Importantly aiming to ensure the parties aren’t breaking election promises, with provisions needed to weigh properly when you cast your vote, and amid the fervour of the moment, you can decided with reasonable certainty on your preferences.

So that parties aren’t propping themselves with false policy principles to win the election and then implementing alternative agendas, Democracy Applied will be your essential tool.


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