Technology initiative: Democracy Applied Q&A

Outline, as concisely as possible, why this solution is unique

The election fervour can mean a lot of talk, and little action. When it comes time to vote, I’m quite sure there are many who are still unsure. Being bombarded with fliers and rationale, debate over meanings, and confounded with idiosyncrasies; the electorates are confused and election results stifled. Setting out candidates policy preferences according to policy labels with emogee’s makes it simple to discern which candidates providing what change in their candidacy. Having furthermore links to article proof makes the ‘position’ verifiable and assuredly so. Ideally a payment or in the very least incentives rewarded for constituent policy proof articles, furthermore, linking a candidates actuality with their ideal policy; so they don’t say one thing, then do another. This is the worst issue in democratic elections, and breaking an election promise needs to weigh properly at election time, amid the fervour of the moment. So that parties aren’t propping themselves with false policy principles to win the election, and then implementing alternative agendas.

How does the project demonstrate understanding of the problem to be solved and has the ability to integrate that knowledge into the project creation process.

By carefully cataloging the relevant policies at election time, citizens can on an application downloaded onto their smartphone, even whilst waiting in line to vote; scan which candidates are offering what in terms of policy implementation for the division. It’s very useful for those who have moved divisions, and or are moderately unfamiliar with the parties and the candidates running for election, especially non-english native citizens struggling with modern political debates. The App detail discerns between existing policy implementors with a ‘Green tick’ for having introduced the policy, or a red stroke for not having had any action to do with the outstanding policy implementation. Alternatively the happy or angry emogee indicates if the policy is preferred or rejected by the candidate and their party. Demonstrating as a umpire, whose the potential winner, with ethical purpose; Democracy applied maintains jurisprudence on electoral proceedure for the merit of politicians. Furthermore with advances in User Interfacing the Emojee symbols could be just a pinnacle of an iceberg. There is potential the loop short video’s on the candidate sub-selection screen, where they are recorded actually telling users their policy opinion, and categorical determination. Whilst a significantly greater vestiture, there exists a lot of room for development in the candidate profiling.

How does the project demonstrate understanding of the business context (or other context in which the solution would be used) in the creation of the project.

The local, state and federal election applications mean pretty much a full-time developmental agenda for this application. In linking to candidate policy proofs furthermore, certification of news, or media is ideal, and avoiding a strong potential for contaminations of the public information pool with fake news. Ideally a payment or reward structure can be implemented to assist the public in provisioning relevant article links or content which proves or disproves a candidates ability to follow through with an indicated policy implementation. The just and discernible means for funding is Media subscription affiliation, and direct donations, and for all intents and purposes the App will be empty except in pre-election periods, when it can be populated with election and policy contents. This means a significant savings interred for operational procedures, without necessity for permanent and 24 hour content provisioning, and a subsidary full-time workforce to moderate policy updates and public notices.

How does the project demonstrate a high level of creativity in deploying appropriate technologies to develop the project; and a strong mix of functions and features.

The simple UI, guides a quick use, or last-minute process methodology. Whereby Users can pertain to browse policy promises and discern their commitment to vote accordingly. This ease and means is vital to business success, and since most voters are specifically concerned with just one policy, and that will sway their decision. Furthermore having a link to credible media will make all the difference, and avoid a ridiculous dependence on search engines to corroborate a candidacy. Presently the amount of time, money and effort put into pre-election campaigning can be seriously reduced when an appropriate tool is available to judge the parties on existing merits, on history, and on future plans.

How does the does this project seek to solve a specific problem in a novel way without replicating what exists in the market today?

No other app has achieved a credible policy comparison UI, no UX is similar as yet, and certainly not endorsed by main stream media, not to voters at election time, and by ausvote, established institutions, Universities or Government. The Democracy applied App maintains a neutrality in presenting the key informations to constituencies; the impartial umpire. Whether or not the content links are credibly endorsed will depend (and we will determine their availability thereby). If policies are complex, resolving serious scientific dilemmas, a educational backups justified with links to encyclopaedia entries. Since how and why citizens are motivated to post content as proof for candidates policy stance, which will affect election results, cannot be ascertained; the effect will be the same. That is ensuring parties and politicians maintain their election promises.

Does the solution utilise either new technology in a structured or standardised way or used existing technology in an innovative way yet in accordance with best practice (using the skills and knowledge learnt through the process of instructor or self-taught learnings)?

My self-taught capacities for UI/UX are extensively developed through the founding Horoscorpio project. I don’t consider a website to be much more feasible, than the mobile delivery system for this application, since the markets in constituencies at election time only. Of course those discovering any proof regarding a candidates means and intent would be able to forward on the information, whether a leak or obscure picture, an ex girlfriends gossip or hard audible talk; and send it to us for deliberation on inclusion under the policy outcome suggestive link. If someone’s willing to testify to the contrary about a candidates true intent, we must pay heed.


  • Jason Jowett

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